Based at James Madison High School, MadSCI is a team of students, faculty, and advisors designing and building solar cars to further science, engineering, technology, business, and renewable resources.


The goal of MadSCI is to bring together students of different backgrounds and let their talents and brain power intertwine to generate different ideas and innovations geared toward finding solutions for real world problems.


James Madison High School Solar Car Initiative




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without whom, this organization would not be possible.

  • Moving on to the planning phase with the car of
  • 2015-2016


      Upcoming Event(s)

  • December 19, 2015 – January 10, 2016:  Yellowbook Fundraiser, San Antonio

Financial Support

Business Sponsors

Business Donations

5 Solar Panels
Metal for frame

Mirrors, lights, and reduced price for parts

5 Solar Panels
Electrical equipment at reduced price


Greatly Needed!

Greatly Needed!

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