Raw Ingredients


Whether you have an established business or a new venture, finding the right supplier is essential. At The Green Labs LLC, we understand the challenges you face. We offer ingredients that are frequently tested by FDA and approved by the most strict macroscopic analysis and chromatographic identification through the, LC-MS, TLC, HPLC, UV, FTIR, Gravimetry, and Titration protocols upon industry standards.


Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer custom manufacturing, milling or blending services of selected Brasilian, Ecuadorian or Peruvian ingredients that meet the needs of both the food and nutritional industries.

We provide our services in a timely and effective manner. Clients count on us for a powerful, expert approach to meet their business' needs. The services we offer between all our branches include:

International Logistics Handling

  • International Logistics Handling
  • Third Party Laboratory Testing Services in the US and South America
  • Brasilian & Peruvian Ingredients Manufacturing, sourcing & Procurement
  • Brasilian Ingredients Manufacturing, sourcing & Procurement
  • GMP certified Lab testing
  • Operating and partnership agreements
  • Sterilization of manufactured South American Ingredients
  • US Warehouse (Belleville, NJ)
  • Project Management Services for Dietary Supplements in South America and the US.

Finished Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Formulations


The Green Labs business ideal is also to deliver our customers innovative, pure and efficient Natural Supplements. Our Mission has multiple goals and objectives. We strive to reach a global health oriented market in need for high quality products. This task can only be accomplished through extensive research and customer oriented mentality.


Our customer Research and Development Expertise and Customer focused management have a core objective on building long term customized client relations based on their formulation requirements, health goals and the use of our ingredients and finished products for their benefit. Through product development, we want to play the leading role contributing to our customers’ businesses, health and wellbeing.


Demanding and educated customers, like you, acknowledge their needs. They not only want to know what goes into the products they are developing or consuming, but they also expect a service that understands their requirements and delivers an experience. The Green Labs has taken a leadership role within the nutritional supplement industry by having a resident nutritionist working alongside R&D, marketing, sales and nutrition experts to ensure the best choices are determined by a meticulous process of consultation and analysis. Key projects investigate healthier alternatives to use functional natural based products along with diet and exercise regimes to ease common public health needs.


Between other areas of expertise our Master Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Ph.D University Professor and Master Formulator, our European based University Professor Master Chef, Bodybuilding expert,  Phisycal Trainer as well as our highly well known Marketing Nutritional Expert can assist your ingredient selection requirements and give you advicing on trendy and marketeable ideas to develop innovative products and marketing programs.


 *Health Goals are not only based on consumption of nutritional supplements, exercise and a proper diet are strongly recommended during the program to achieve results. For more information, please check www.thegreenlabs.com/healthy_living   


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