A variety of photographs from here and there, of this and that 

Monkeymum, Barcelona Zoo, 2012


Move On, outtake from one of many photoshoots during the Diàspora thesis project. Model: Anouk. 2012

My Arms, Your Hearse, Opeth live at Sala Apolo in Barcelona, 2011

Spiderman, taken in Paris, 2011

Baby Chimp, Barcelona Zoo, 2012

Watered, portfolio picture for my friend Svala, 2011

Nuki, another of the many outtakes from the Diàspora thesis photoshoots, 2012

Death by Strawberry, selfportrait, 2011

Mini Me, the Icelandic horse, 2011

Lost at Sea, ducks in the sea of the ever-foggy Seydisfjördur, Iceland, 2011

Hint of Light, another outtake from the Diàspora thesis photoshoots, 2012

Paris, airplane view, 2011

Lizard, Barcelona Zoo, 2012

Central Paris, 2011

Lava Fields, Iceland, 2011

Huginn Og Muninn, Iceland, 2011

Midnight Stories, Barcelona, 2011

You Touch Like Me, 2011

Let's Run Away Together, selfportrait, 2008

Last Breath, selfportrait, 2011

Green Jay, Barcelona Zoo, 2012

Silver, Barcelona Aquarium, 2011

Jökulsárlón, Iceland, 2009

It's a Mess, selfportrait, 2011

W Hotel, Barcelona, part of a series of photos for a car exhibition in Zürich, 2011

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