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Im gonna put this at the top of the post because its pretty important:
When you spawn in the game you will spawn in a box because you cant be allowed on the server but you need to know the link, the reason im doing this is because i need to change the spawn, and then i need to change the perms files whilst keeping everyone at the same rank. By the way Guys, Please visit         if you want to help build the new spawn, by the way guys, we cant actually put the server back up if we dont have a spawn, and we need at least 4 or 5 people to help build spawn before we can actually build spawn, thats not including me, so theres only bubblegumguy, and me (i dont count cause i cant really build to save my life)
We are proud to announce that our website is UP! this is our permanent  website now. Well, onto the forum post.We are trying to get Mineography up (dynmap alternative) it is a struggle because every ip ending with 223 on our hosting service is on the fritz.
Because of this the Console is deciding not to work either, so whenever i need to do a command, im gonna have to open up my laptop, go onto minecraft, log in, and type the command myself, which is really a pain in the ***. It honesly didnt take long to actually make this site. But yeah. also if you notice the ip, which was FREE! and i also kept the original (obviously) seeing as the new ones are just being forwarded. Thanks for reading the first post on the site Guys.
- Dabest12344
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